Tuesday, December 26, 2006

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Monday, December 18, 2006

hehee, haven't blog for like weeks!
christmas's around the corner,
i'm gonna be pretty much lonely on new year's day
pathetic eh?
any company?
inform me if there's any parties!

FLIGHTer's Youth Camp!
at tanjong puteri in Malaysia.

GAMES TIME! poor helen, bullied by us!

can any of you spot fidelis? hint: *WAVES!* >:}:}

trip to sentosa with his friends.

hehehe, evil me. left my smiling toothmark on his hand!

i'm feeling sooooo tired,
these days the kids are driving me crazy, he is driving me crazy.
it won't be long till i finally become some nutcase.
byebye people! sorry for the short update!

edited: i dyed my hair at heatwave yesterday!
haven't took a photo of it cos my phone is down,
but in full, i like it (:

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

still enjoying my work everyday

today i have a merlion in my class!
a boy vomitted like a merlion
and i had to clear the yucky mess )':
*pinches nose*

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

we had waterplay tday,
ryan was like soooooo cuteeeee!
he play the toys until so happy/excited and
started laughing and drool from the side of his mouth!
it was like ddddaaaamn funny!
and if you actually knew how i am like,
you'll know how long i'd laugh over it, i just cannot stop!

i actually fell asleep for an hour while
patting the kids to sleep tday during naptime
mmmmmm, feels so good!

went to watch Happy Feet with some churchmates.
sooooo cute!

jx was like saying," dunno who say don't like kids one lor!
don't like kids still go and be childcare teacher assistant!"

i only like to takecare of them cos they very guai lor,
they like robots like that, WELL-TRAINED! lols

hopefully jeline can come and work with me!
so i won't be so bored during naptime
least got someone to talk to >:}:}

love y'all!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lots of pictures to blog about tday!

  • Peanutbutter wear clothes!
  • Childcare centre as teacher assistant
  • Cousin's wedding

so cuuuuuute right!

i bought this dress from Daniel Yam for cousin's wedding.

am loving my job in the childcare centre, those kids are soooooo cute!
and mind you! i'm someone who NEVER liked kids!

every morning they'll greet you, "good morning, miss toh, god bless you, miss toh" during assembly

veeery cute! but it's super tiring to get them all to sleep thou, have to patpat them to sleep.
there's this lil boy, he's sooooo adorable!
always very "manja" me, like superglue like that!

"jiejie, hold my hand. jiejie, bring me to toilet please. jiejie, patpat me sleep 1st"

supercute laaaaaaaah!
somemore, i don't need to work on weekends! can pei my babyboy (:
i'm sick, i think i got it from this lil boy who sneezed into my face ytd.

Friday, November 24, 2006

i've got a job! *jump around*
i'm gonna be a teacher's assistant!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

ytd is like sooooo happening &fun
had so much fun with the girls
i really don't like malay guys

Thursday, November 16, 2006

am buying these for my peanutbutter.
freaking cute right!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ytd was a haaaappy happy happy day for me,
like, ssuuuuuuuperhappy!

darling's back!
cooked for darling tday,
he kept saying that he love it! hehe

pictures for SK's birthday @ SAFRA.

more pictures to come!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

my precious babyboy's coming back tmr!
i miss him so so soooo much.

went to serene's birthday celebration @ SAFRA country club
had a greaaaaat time talking crap with SK,
but ended up with really bad eyebags.
blog about it more another day!

off to cook!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

crazy us.

Monday, November 06, 2006

i really am the luckiest girl!
darling caught a firefly for me!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

baby's in bbbbbbrunei
i miss him.

it's been like 2days?

hehee, tday cousin taught me chemistry!
i think she's like a supergoooood teacher.
got alot of stuff drilled into my head already
i never like, understand any shit about chemistry.

i think i might go MIA till o's
maybe blogging every 1 -2weeks?
i'm ill, again.
due to stress
like 8 more day's to o's
and i haven't touch POA/Geog/SS.
but i'm like soo addicted to my nintendo dslite,
keep playing and playing cannot stop!

BTW! deathnote is supergooood!
love this kind of thinking movies.
daethnote -the last name, i heard is coming out at december!

just some random pictures!

sweet darling's birthday cake!

cute japanese noodle!

byebye people, love you all. >:}:}

Monday, October 23, 2006

editted// pictures added.

tday nelson taught me physics!
he's a supergood teacher, thaaaanks NELSON! >:}:}

went to Pet's Movers,
a dog farm at pasir ris farmway.
with my baby vv
she's sooooooo adorable!
there was this pitbull that kept chasing her around
then she was scared stiff, didn't dare to move at all.
then i had to draaaaaag her away
from that pitbull.

GAWD! that pitbull was reaaaally naughty.
once he was unleashed he started chasing other dogs
bullying them, even this jack russell that is hardly
1/3 of the size of that pitbull.
so different from that comic "jia you jian gou"!
anyone read that before?
it's real funny hehe
i used to love reading it when i was a kid.
manhua kid, LOLS

i saw manymanymany of my favourites!
GAWD! that place is a doggie heaven.
there's even a small "pool" for the doggies to swim in.

we went to vivocity, and..
it was HORRIBLE!
i think i better bring a crutch,
the next time i go there or something.

aha, i think we're really spastic.

dinner at N.Y.D.C with leon's singing friends last night.

dinner at nydc (2)

dinner at nydc (1)

and i bought a top from mphosis yesterday!

byebye people, love you guys.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

lot's of picture's tday!

Monday, October 16, 2006

the haze is extremely bad,
i've fallen ill currently, stomach flu that is.

i vomited like, 6 times that day.

my breakfast, lunch, drinks, dinner
(that consisted not even
half a croissant and a can of 100plus which darling
said i have to drink it cos i vomitted so much.)
and i literally mean my breakfast, lunch,
drinks, dinner whatever.
cos i think my stomach couldn't digest the food at all,
my breakfast, the beehoon which i ate at like 10am
when i vomited it around 4pm it was still in it's original state.
you're grossed out yet? i am, myself.

that night was like super scary,
when i reach home, nobody was at home,
i still felt feverish,
so i went to bed and took a nap and

left my phone beside my bed for charging.
then i woke up in like an hour?
and found that my phone was ringing and ringing
but i just couldn't move to get the phone
i was feverish, but yet feeling so cold and shivering.
i kept wrapping myself up with my thick thick blanket

and yet i was still shivering!
gggaaaaawd! that feeling is HORRIBLE!

then after like 4 missed calls from darling i ffffinally picked it up
and it's my baby asking me to open the door,
he knew i was sick and alone at home so he brought me dinner
and some chinese powdered medicine for my throat.
I'm sooooo touched!
but i was too sick to express myself at that time.
i vomitted again.

then my superheroooo drove me to the doctor,
and i puked twice there again.

and darling, my sweet darling
feed me tiny pieces of croissant.
awwwww, that's was supersweet.
but i kept whinning cos my mouth was too dry
and i felt like vomitting everything i ate.
i know you hate my whinning but you still continued

feeding me like your little baby.


hmm, but i vomitted the croissant
after i slept in the car for awhile too.
it was kinda comical,
like i just swung open the car door

and starting vomitting.

and he accompanied me till my parents return home,
how sweeeeeeet, isn't he?

btw! we watched Silk
not bad leh, quite nice.
but it's was very funny,
cos the whhoooole cinema only like 6 people was watching the movie.

i've lot's of photos to share but thanks to my stupid USB port dunno why not working leh!
nvm, i'll get darling to upload for me on wednesday! ((:

i got this from florellaang's blog, i'm just to lazy to edit >:}:}


elaine &fidel